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"It's Amazing What You Can Do, When You Try"

Have you given 100% today? Too often, days slip through our grasp with promises of change tomorrow. What would happen if you tried your best, your hardest, EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY. From Sun up to Sun down you are working on becoming a better person, achieving more, doing more, being more. Where could you be in a weeks time? A months time? A years time? If you're down now, you can be up tomorrow. Where can your ability take you? You ARE able, You ARE capable and You CAN do it.

Go Get Your Dreams. Now.

Ge allt, alltid!


Postat av: Annika

Fin blogg :)

2012-04-22 @ 18:20:02

Postat av: W I L M A ❤

Fin blogg! Bloglovin' byte?

Kram! ❤

2012-04-22 @ 18:37:33

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